Lumex PVC Shower Bed / Stretcher

Shower bed comes with closed cell waterproof foam pad _x000D_
Durable cover is easy to clean and will not promote bacteria growth _x000D_
Beveled pillow _x000D_
Three position elevating headrest _x000D_
Side safety railings are secured with user-friendly lock pins (not friction) _x000D_
Drop side railings allow barrier free transferring _x000D_
Full length drain pan catches falling water , and attached hose directs the residue to any drain, 14 drain holes _x000D_
Shower bed has six 4"; heavy duty casters _x000D_
Center casters provide easy maneuverability and helps to eliminate sagging _x000D_
Constructed of the highest quality health care grade PVC Dual reinforcement into the caster fittings adds additional support _x000D_
Quick drying mesh support _x000D_
Threaded stem casters for additional safety _x000D_
Ergonomic curved rails provide support without sharp edges and reclining chairs have anti-slip handgrips for added safety _x000D_
One year limited warranty on PVC frame; six month limited warranty on all other materials _x000D_

Height : 40

Width: 48

Length: 86


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Turning Radius
Ground Clerance
Front Wheel
Drive Wheel
Rear Wheel
Seat To Floor
Standard Seat Size
Seat To Deck
Back to Seat



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