NOTE: Basic American Medical Products beds are for INSTITUTIONAL USE ONLY. Orders will not be accepted for delivery to a residential address.Smart Technology• Digital Electronics enable ‘plug and play’ capability to add features at any time_x000D_
o Advanced Positioningo USB Power Supply for cell phone chargingo Underbed Light for resident safety_x000D_
• Interchangeable Electronics• 450 LB Safe Work Load • Travel Range:  8.95”-27”Key Features:• Energy-saving electronics consume up to 66% less power than electronics using a transformer• Sealed ball bearings in the hi-lo joints provide maintenance-free continuous, silent operation• US Patent awarded hi-lo system (mechanism inside of bottom of mainframe tubes reduces the chance of fluids getting inside and harboring bacteria)• Industry-leading electronics ensure lower cost of Ownership• Tool-less assembly• SilverSolutions within the powder coating provides antimicrobial surface protection and deters the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteriaAvailable with:• Embedded staff control with safety-inspired two-stage lockouts• Advanced Positioning, including chair and Trendeleburg/Reverse Trendelenburg• Optional hand pendant to control Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg• Intuitive 2-pedal locking system – centrally located, easily visible from a distance to ensure the bed is locked, and is accessible at all heights and widths – even the lowest position• 4-locking casters• 35"; or 42"; sleep deck  • Underbed Light clearly illuminates where the resident gets in and out of the bed• USB Power Supply eliminates using a separate wall outlet for cell phone and tablet charging

Height : 1

Width: 1

Length: 1


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Turning Radius
Ground Clerance
Front Wheel
Drive Wheel
Rear Wheel
Seat To Floor
Standard Seat Size
Seat To Deck
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