Lumex Ortho-Biotic® II Recliner with Wood Cap Arm – Concrete

Since 1946, Lumex has been enhancing the quality of life of patients and caregivers. The Lumex Ortho-Biotic II Recliner has been made specifically for use in a wide variety of healthcare environments and comes in a beautifully designed and comfortable package. The Lumex Ortho-Biotic II Recliner is proudly Made in the USA!The Lumex Ortho-Biotic makes the care, treatment and recovery of patients more comfortable and offers caregivers greater convenience within a wide array of clinical settings.Features_x000D_
Unitized Recliner Mechanism_x000D_
Pull Out Patient Foot Plate_x000D_
Legrest-Recline Lever_x000D_
Composite Foam Seat and Back_x000D_
Tente® Casters_x000D_
Available with Wood Cap Arms: Series FR597G<COLOR> and Fully Upholstered Arms: Series FR597P<COLOR>_x000D_
Frame: Three Years_x000D_
Mechanical Components: Three Years_x000D_
Upholstered Components: One Year_x000D_
Tente Casters: One Year_x000D_
Specification and Dimensions:_x000D_
Overall Height:_x000D_
45.5"; (115.6 cm)_x000D_
Overall Width:_x000D_
33"; (83.8 cm)_x000D_
Overall Depth:_x000D_
36.5"; (92.7 cm)_x000D_
Width Between Arms:_x000D_
24"; (61 cm)_x000D_
Arm Height From Floor:_x000D_
26.75"; (67.95 cm)_x000D_
Arms Height Above Seat:_x000D_
Front of seat_x000D_
6";, (15.2 cm)_x000D_

Height : 52.5

Width: 36

Length: 43


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Turning Radius
Ground Clerance
Front Wheel
Drive Wheel
Rear Wheel
Seat To Floor
Standard Seat Size
Seat To Deck
Back to Seat



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