1/8"; I.D., 3/8"; O.D., 1/8"; WALL, 50ft

Item 3931, 3932, 3933, 3934, & 3935 SeriesLatex Tubing, Smooth Amber Latex Tubing • Applications:   Medical, dental, exercise, therapy , general laboratory,    and food/beverage• Tubing is extensively leached, washed and surface-   treated to 99.9% protein-free• Seamless tubing- Free of striations lumen for clear    passage of liquids and/or gases• Performance Characteristics:  – Elasticity – Memory is maintained even after repeated                     stretching  – Translucency and uniformity of color – Provides an      unobstructed observation of liquid flow line   – Gripping power – Enables the tubing to grip tenaciously                               to connectors• Sterilizable• Tubing on dispenser reel• 50′ roll in 3 random lengths.• Made in USA_x000D_
Materials: Natural Rubber (Latex), Polyisoprene RubberCompliance Specifications: meet requirements of A-A-52047 type 1, 3, 4, & 5 and A-A-53848All materials used in tubing meet FDA Title 21 CFR Section 177.2600 and 182.5991_x000D_
The following tests have been performed on Latex Tubing:I. U.S.P. Biological Reactivity Tests, in VIVO, ClassVI   – Acute Systemic Toxicity   – Intracutaneous Toxicity   – Implantation TestII. U.S.P. Heavy Metals, Trace Metals_x000D_
Sterilization OptionsI. Autoclave   – Steam under pressure   – Check with autoclave equipment manufacturer for       recommendations     • Tubing manufacturer experience is to use 250°F for         20 minutes     • The product will withstand repeated sterilizationsII. Ethylene Oxide   – Humidity, gas, and heat sterilization process   – Parts must be accessible to gas   – Oxyfume gas: 12% EtO + 88% FreonIII.Gamma   – Cobalt 60 Gamma radiation penetrates our products      easily   – Do not radiate tubing in an elongated state   – 1.5 to 2.5 megarads have little to no effect on our       rubber recipes on these tubing_x000D_
Caution: This product contains natural rubber latex,               which may cause allergic reactions.

Height : 5.67

Width: 5.79

Length: 8.74


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Turning Radius
Ground Clerance
Front Wheel
Drive Wheel
Rear Wheel
Seat To Floor
Standard Seat Size
Seat To Deck
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