18" x 16" x 3"

The Dura-Gel™ SPP AT (Skin Protection & Positioning w/ Anti-Thrust) wheelchair cushion reduces surface pressure through the use of non-aqueous Dura-Gel™ placed in three pressure zones. The cushion uses a high-density base foam in combination with a visco-elastic topper for added comfort and also positions the user with a moderate slope from front to back. Cushion also features medial thigh positioning as well as lateral positioning to provided greater stability for the user.• Provides long-term skin protection and positioning for higher risk patients• Reduces tissue interface pressures at critical points• Features a specialized Dura-Gel™ center layer surrounded by comfortable foam layers on the top and bottom of the cushion• Side wedges provide lateral stability to the lower extremities, trochanter and pelvis. Center pommel provides medial thigh support• A pre-ischial ridge helps position the  user.• The soft, stretchable lightweight cover reduces shear/friction and is fluid-proof and has a strap at the back to secure the cushion firmly to the chair• Accommodates a wide range of body shapes, sizes and weights• 300 lb maximum weight capacity• Lightweight• Two (2) year limited warranty• Designed to meet HCPCS Code E2607-E2608 (E2607 for Sizes < 22";; E2608 for Sizes ≥ 22";)• Latex FreeTHIS ITEM IS NON-RETURNABLE

Height : 6

Width: 18

Length: 16


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Turning Radius
Ground Clerance
Front Wheel
Drive Wheel
Rear Wheel
Seat To Floor
Standard Seat Size
Seat To Deck
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