Replacement Adult Leg Splint

The Grafco® Adult Fracture Kit is ideal for EMTs and other emergency responders. The comprehensive kit contains multiple various sized splints that are padded for comfort and feature hook and loop closures for fast application. The versatile limb splints can be used interchangeably and are designed for left or right side use. Replacement splints are available for separate purchase. Complete kit is packaged in a practical water-resistant bag for easy transfer to an injured person.Features:• Simple application for easy fracture management• Splints are radiolucent / X-ray transparent for easier examination• Each splint has in-line fiberglass support for transport and stabilization• Arm and leg splints are interchangeable• Carry bag is water-resistant, with pocket separating extrication collar from splints• One (1) year warrantyKit Contains:• (2) Adult Arm Splints*• (2) Adult Leg Splints*• Adult Arm/Shoulder Immobilizer• Extrication Collar with Neck Pad• Water-Resistant Nylon Carry Bag• 2"; x 24"; Hook & Loop Strip* Limb splints can be used as lefts or rights, as arm or leg splintsCaution: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions

Height : 0.92

Width: 9.71

Length: 23.69


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